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Parco Natura Viva

A stone’s throw from Lake Garda, the Natura Viva Park has one of the most important
zoological collections in Italy and it is today one of the main Centres for the conservation
of endangered animal species and for environmental education.

During the route through the Park, divided according to geographic areas,
immersed in a natural oasis, you can observe the great bio-diversity of our planet.
A qualified staff of biologists, veterinary surgeons and naturalists take care of this extraordinary
Noah’s Ark which has more than 250 animal species.

The Safari Park: a fascinating route which you follow on board your own vehicle
and which leads the visitor to discover the inhabitants of the savannah.
Giraffes, lions, cheetahs and hyenas are only a few of the protagonists of the adventure you will experience on your visit!
The Fauna Park: a relaxing path to be covered on foot through an oak wood, which is home to animals of all the continents,
and where you can also visit the Tropical Green House and the Reptile House.
The Extinction Park: the park showing the evolution of the dinosaurs, which already existed in 1978,
but which has been enriched with new ideas and spectacular reproductions in natural dimensions
which will help visitors to penetrate the fascinating story of the evolution.
From the conquest of dry land to the arrival of the first enormous mammals, guests will be catapulted millions of years back:
to the origin of the story of life on the Earth.
Car park, relaxation areas, picnic areas, play areas, restaurant and shops are at your disposal.

Come and visit the Park by bicycle, you will get a special offer!
All those visitors reaching Parco Natura Viva, riding their bikes,
will get to Fauna Park paying only BIKE TICKET: 10,00 €
And if you want to visit the Safari Park you can rent the car just €10,00 € instead of € 20,00.
- The visitor must prove he has reached the park by bike asking the park assistant for a “special bike tag”
that has to be shown at the cash point in order to enter the park with a special rate.
- The promotion is valid just for the Fauna Park. To visit the Safari Park as well it will be necessary
to book a car (if available) and add 10€ to enter the Safari area too.


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